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Call for Papers 2018-06-23T23:00:38+03:00

The Conference welcomes papers asking opportune questions and – hopefully – reaching enlightened answers, leading to a better understanding of intentional and incidental amalgamation of the mythical and the historical parameters, as well as the perception of History at an early stage of its appearance as a science.

Key notions:

  • Myth

  • History / Historiography

  • Logos

  • Tradition

  • Narrative

  • Story-telling

  • Art / Archaeology

and key themes:

  • Origins / aetiology

  • Interpretation, aims, use and abuse

  • Rationalization (ancient and modern), critique

  • Incongruities (logical, chronological, etc.)

  • Attitudes, (mis)conception (ancient & modern)

  • Figurative vs Literary language, Symbolism

  • Values, customs, morality, law